Siân Martin at Steart Marshes

Siân Martin – Change

Siân Martin has placed certain materials in different locations in Steart wetlands during the year, for different lengths of time. These are sometimes discretely suspended to catch the winds and rain and sometimes dangling into the water and mud. Siân plans to retrieve these pieces which she hopes will have been changed and been given the patina of the Steart environment to incorporate in her textile pieces.

Siân also joined a fieldwork trip around Steart with scientific PHD researchers who are involved in monitoring water level and erosion processes at Steart. This includes looking at different sorts of mud. This experience will be a major inspiration in the textile pieces created for this ‘Change’ exhibition.

To learn see Siân’s work in progress, visit her Stitchloop blog. To become a textile artist yourself, you can take online courses with Sian. For more information please visit Distant Stitch Website.

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