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Three artists – Siân MartinLesley Roberts and Pauline Lerry – have challenged themselves to respond to the changing moods of Steart Marshes using their different art media.

Artwork by Siân Martin, Lesley Roberts and Pauline Lerry
Steart Marches

Steart Marshes is one of the UK’s largest new wetland reserves. Hundreds of hectares of saltmarsh and freshwater wetlands buffer homes and businesses from rising sea levels, and provide habitat for a rich mix of wetland wildlife including otters, egrets, owls waders and wildfowl…

For more information visit Steart Marshes website.


SiânLesley and Pauline have been working together on drawing projects for several years and see this new project based on Steart as an exciting challenge to stretch their ideas on how to use their medium in a fresh and innovative way.

Sian Martin

Textile Artist

Siân Martin has placed certain materials in different locations in Steart wetlands during the year, for different lengths of time. These are sometimes discretely suspended to catch the winds and rain and sometimes dangling into the water and mud. Siân plans to retrieve these pieces which she hopes will have been changed and been given the patina of the Steart environment to incorporate in her textile pieces.

Lesley Roberts


Lesley has visited Steart Marshes regularly at different times throughout the year, taking photographs and noting the changes in weather and environment. She has responded to these changes by making collages using cut-outs of the images she has taken on a particular day during each month.

Lesley Roberts Artwork

Pauline Lerry


For the past year Pauline Lerry has been making work in response to the magical environment of Steart Marshes near Bridgwater in Somerset. Alongside her visual work trying to capture the various moods of the environment, she has also kept a diary of her visits.

Dark Sky by Pauline Lerry

They have been visiting this beautiful wetland area regularly at points during the year responding to the changing time of day, season and weather.

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Our exhibition ‘Change’ is being shown at Bridgwater Arts Centre, opening on Tuesday 6th until Friday 30th October 2020.

The artists will be at the gallery on each Thursday, Friday and Saturday throughout the exhibition and be pleased to welcome you.

Bridgwater Arts Centre
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Phone:  01278 422700

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You have the edge on most venues and collectives because your exhibition is not just a random collection of pieces of your various work. You have done this as a collective over a whole year; it is considered; you know each other well, you work well together and your varied talents complement each other. It shows! You must know that it is already a success but you all deserve good, appreciative audiences and acknowledgement of what you have achieved!

Lynda Duthie

I have just got back from visiting your exhibition – Congratulations , it’s a knock out. By far the best thing I have seen in Arts Week for several years. You must be very pleased with it.

Jenny Blackburn

This is very exciting. Three complimentary artists looking in detail with their differing textures and lines. Fantastic collage photography – new to me and very successful – Pauline’s quality of line and subtle colour and Siân’s beautiful textural sculpture. Thank you for your inspiration.

Elizabeth Fortescue