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Pauline Lerry – Change Matters

Even though I have never visited any polar region, their majestic beauty has always affected me. The thought that, through the activities of humankind, this magical, and vital, landscape is threatened is abhorrent to me. I have come to realise the changes that are melting the ice are causing sea levels to rise, affecting the natural habitat of precious wildlife, and threatening the way of life of indigenous peoples.

I remember, some time ago, watching a t.v. programme about a group of scientists who were measuring, and monitoring, the depletion and melting of the ice caps. I found this shocking.

In recent times the earth has seen damaging extremes of weather, tsunamis, hurricanes, devastating floods, horrifying wildfires, drought. Monitoring of sea levels show significant and on going rises. Rainforests are being depleted. The oceans polluted.

Events that are profoundly impacting on nature, on lives and on ways of life.

I am not a scientist, I am a visual artist, and my work currently is a personal comment on these potentially catastrophic issues, whilst acknowledging the beauty still. Making this work has made me more aware.

              Icebergs melt
Sea ice breaks
Waters rise
Mountains shift
Land dries
Trees fall
Fires rage
Change matters