Three of us collaborated on a project that has addressed issues affecting and changing our environment.

Our recent venture together was called ‘Change Matters’ responding to environmental issues that are personal to us.

Change Matters - featured artwork by Lesley Roberts, Siân Martin and Pauline Lerry

We recently presented ‘CHANGE MATTERS’ in the Malthouse Gallery, Lyme Regis. It is now planned to be shown as part of Somerset Art Works Open Studios in 2021 at Bridgwater Art Centre.

Pauline Lerry looked at results of melting ice-caps and rising sea levels.

Lesley Roberts looked at the disappearance of wild flower meadows.

Siân Martin looked at plastic pollution.

  • Wild flower meadow
  • Plastic bottles
  • Lake

Following on from their successful exhibition, three artists – Siân Martin, Lesley Roberts and Pauline Lerry – have been making new work; each responding to aspects of the changing nature of our world.

Climate change is having significant effects on our planet. Nature has a way of fighting back and we need to value and nurture it.

Even Leonardo’s words incited us to keep an inquisitive eye towards an ever-changing nature, one that is bound to evolve and radically mutate in the era of global warming.

Sian Martin

Textile Artist

Siân Martin’s recent focus was a response to the damaging effect of plastic pollution on aquatic environments and the plight of sea birds in particular. This is part of an on-going personal interest in conservation.

Land form with plastic and feather

Lesley Roberts


Lesley’s recent interest focused on the disappearance of wildflower meadows in this country. She visited local habitats and recording the variety of wildflowers which exist in these special places.

Collaged photograph by Lesley Roberts

Pauline Lerry


Pauline Lerry has recently made work that considered climate change. Pauline works with drawing and photography. The painting is developed and resolved in her studio.

Stencilled oil painting on board

Our recent successful venture together was at the Malthouse Gallery, Lyme Regis It is planned to be shown at Bridgwater Arts Centre as part of Somerset Art Works Open Studios event in September/October 2021.

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