Sian gathering different materials using a gathering machine
Sian gathering different materials using a gathering machine

About Siân Martin

Siân Martin has been a textile artist and teacher all her life. She now uses her experience to work with textile processes, using non-textile materials such as willow, cane, wire, plastics and paper thread.

You can keep up to date with Siân s work via her blog ‘Stitchloop

The short film below shows how she uses the raw materials from her garden in imaginative ways during ‘lock-down’ 2020.

She is interested in using these materials to tell a story.  ‘Dispatched with a kiss’, a recent 4 metre length textile of fabric fragments gathered on steel wires relates a boy’s journey across Europe from Afghanistan to the UK.

Siân likes to include local materials and enjoys modifying the qualities of raw materials to tell her story about different conservation issues which are a strong underlying theme for her recent work.

Topics such as protection of wetland areas, planting and preserving trees, and pollution of the coastline and birdlife with discarded plastics.


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