For several years, we have been meeting together to draw and discuss our work.

Moving out of our familiar studios into a larger communal working space on a regular basis allows us to focus in a different way.

Siân Martin in her studio

Siân Martin

Textile Artist

Siân Martin has been a textile artist and teacher all her life. She now uses her experience to work with textile processes, using non-textile materials such as willow, cane, wire, plastics and paper thread.

Lesley Roberts in her studio

Lesley Roberts


Lesley Roberts has worked as a photographer for over forty years. Recently she has developed her work in a new direction and now makes detailed collages with the images she takes.

Pauline Lerry


Pauline Lerry is an artist and teacher. She has worked as a designer, and in Art and Design education. Pauline now follows her practice as a painter full time. She works mainly with mixed media, and the subject matter is varied.

Sian Martin, Pauline Lerry and Lesley Roberts working together
Sian Martin, Pauline Lerry and Lesley Roberts working together in a studio.

The drawing topic hasn’t been important, it’s more the immersive, creative atmosphere that we feel from the act of looking and drawing silently together in the same room that is inspirational.

Listen to our Conversation Together

We collaborate on projects with topics that motivate us, leading to joint exhibitions.

Our first collaboration ’Change’ in 2017 was inspired by an area of the interesting landscape of Steart Marshes on the north Somerset coast.

Our new venture is called ‘Change Matters’ – responding to environmental issues that are personal to us.